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 Leading the DMV licesneing office ..

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Leading the DMV licesneing office .. Empty
PostSubject: Leading the DMV licesneing office ..   Leading the DMV licesneing office .. Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 2:47 pm

IC :
First Name : Carmelo
Sur Name : Sanchez
Age : 21
Stroy : Caremelo Sanchez borned in Mexico , his mother was called Maria , his brother is Raul , In 19 years old he recutecd to the army , In 20 years old he finish his serving in the army , Now in 21 years old , he moved from mexico to san andreas , los santos , he is currently looking for a job , he was working as a clown in birthday's partys , and now he is looking for serious job .

Name : Carmel Ben Ezra
Age : 14
Country : Netanya , Israel
Why should i lead this faction ?: beacause i think that i i suitable to tester , i know how to rp as a tester aswale too .. So i hope to be accepted

The application is short, but I like you xD
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Leading the DMV licesneing office ..
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