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 CNN Leader Blank

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boris agata

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PostSubject: CNN Leader Blank   CNN Leader Blank Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 3:50 pm


Before im posting the topic , i asked some admins and they said that i can offer myself , if i did something wrong , im really sorry


-- In Character --
Name : Boris Agata
Gender : Male
Age : 23
Phone Number : 7689
Family Status : Divorced Person
Occupation : None
License : Driver License

Biography :

I Was born at Moscow , hard period to live , hard period to survive , i had to find my own food , i had no parents , and no one to take care of me.I Had a bad childhood , i was thin , weak and short.I Couldnt find someone one who wants to take care of me.
One day , when i was 12 years old , i was thrown at the street by some criminals , suddenly - Two guys came over and asked me : " Would you like to be an adopted kid ? " , 12 years left , and i was a news reporter , i had a mom and a dad - i was adopted by them , and they were the most good parents at the world.I Was the favorite reporter for my boss opinion , and when he died - he wrote in his testament that im the new Boss , and i had to replace him.I had a conflict with the underworld and i had to move to other country , they killed my parents and my freind - at least they did not kill me.I Had to quit my job and to run away from them.A Few days later i was at USA , Los Santos.Now my target is to become the current Boss of the CNN , like before.

Why do i want to lead the CNN's Way ?

- I Want to help the city to become a better place to live in there , to report for her what happends at the city and to update them...

- I Want to research Los Santos , to see what's in there and to see her from closer view.

- Also i will help the Government - to show them a lot of information and i will bring for them an official / special newspaper.

The End , this is my blank , read it aswell.

-- Out Of Character --


Name : Omri
Age : 14
English Level : Excellent
RP Level Excellent

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PostSubject: Re: CNN Leader Blank   CNN Leader Blank Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 4:29 pm

Accept - When you are online Pm to Vita_Leone. cheers
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CNN Leader Blank
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