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 Application to lead the Hitmens.

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Application to lead the Hitmens. Empty
PostSubject: Application to lead the Hitmens.   Application to lead the Hitmens. Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 5:22 pm

Well , i`ve would to lead the hitmens, i have alot of experience ,
and i think it`s possibility for me.

Firstname: Leo.
Family Status: unmarried
Grender: Male.
Age: 33 years old.
Phone number : 3156.

Story about my life:
Leo born at America at 1975 , his parents born at Italy
his father born at 1946 , his mother born at 1952 ,
His father name : Fernando Gambino and his mother name : Charlize Theron,
His father been were a mafia guy , the "Owner" of the green bottles ,
and he lead the mansion , most of his lifes he been feels
good , he`s brother been jailed of Drugs dealling ,
he`s sister been gamble of the country secret ,
and been deathed by the country of electric chair ,
Fernando`s been angry and start to revenge of
the mayor , Fernando`s been conscript 60 peoples at ten years
to killed the mayor , he`s been create the plane two years ,
and then Fernando`s been up all of the roofs and choppers ,
all of the guns were there , Snipers , and more,
Fernando`s were the sniper , with more 20 snipers with him , then
the Mayor`s out from press conference ,
and then 30 peoples shot on the mayor`s bodyguards
and then , Fernando`s been killed the mayor with sniper.
Fernando`s been jailed after 1 month , Fernando`s uncle been
show the pictures to the Police Department`s and tell the Police Department`s
"Fernando at the desert!"
and then she cry , Fernando been jailed, and then Fernando`s Friends been
throw him out from the cell , and then Fernando`s attempts to up the
plan and then the cops killed him.
Charlize Theron, Leo`s mother been
become pregnant from Fernando`s when Fernando`s
were at lifes , first she produce Leo`s sister ,and then
Leo , she told you Fernando`s "Do not kill the mayor! , it`s shouldn`t be good
for you!!" Fernando`s said "I don`t care , the mayor responsible of my
sister kill" after 4 years Charlize Theron been divorced of Fernando`s ,
because this , Charlize Theron after the mayor`s killed been jailed of
"block her mouth",
Leo`s respects Fernando`s , and want to Continues Fernando`s way.

((OOC Part:
Name: Elidor.
Age: 14.
RP level: 8/10.
English level: 8.5/10.))

Good One Mate!
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Application to lead the Hitmens.
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