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 Application to Yakuza/LCN/Hitman leader

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Application to Yakuza/LCN/Hitman leader Empty
PostSubject: Application to Yakuza/LCN/Hitman leader   Application to Yakuza/LCN/Hitman leader Icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 11:59 pm


Firstname: Takashi
Lastname: Kawasaki
Age: 23
Licenses(Must have driving license): First thing i'm going to do when you'll unban me.
Gander: Male

Give me 3 /me commands that you know and 3 commands of this faction ):
/me takes out a deagle from his pocket
/me grab the man
/me take the man's phone

Why you want to be the leader of this faction and how you will do it: I want to kill all the clivens and be the king of the city. I want to avange my father's die.

Tell us what do you have to do on this faction: (in RP way..) To rob men, to kidnap important men, to sell guns and drugs.

Your story life(must have 10 lines):
I was born in Liberty City in to a big criminals family. My fatehr was a high ranking Yakuza.
I had one small brother. My family had much money, and we were very respected.
My mother moved to Vice City because she was afraid that the police or the FBI will find them.
In one day in 2000 the FBI found out our adress so we had to ran away to Liberty City.
Our mother hided us in her house. One day my parents told to me and to my brother that its to dangerous for us to leave with
them, so gave us some money and told us go to San Fierro.
When we were above San Fierro, the plane's wheels didn't come out and the pilot couldn't land. He said to everyone to jump
out of the plane. My brother and I jumped out from the plane. Luckly I fell on a fat man that jumped before I jumped.
I saw alot of people lie down, blood, pain. After some minutes I saw my brother, he lied on the floor, his had was bleeding.
Then alot of ambulances came, they took the injured people to the hospital. My died in the hospital after two days.
I was so angry that I didn't know what I did, I killed the doctors that took care of my brother. I ran away from the hospital.
One day after I found that the doctor I has a brother from the LCN and his looking for me. I changed my name to Wasaki Chang.
and started a new like in San Fierro.
I wanted to earn some money, so I tryied to get a job in the taxi station. Soon I became the taxi leader. I worked at the
taxi for some month. I tryied to get at DMV and became an insructor. A few month later, alot of gangs came to San Fierro. The
city was under terror. Some gangsters robed me. I fired from the DMV and joined to the FBI.
Some month later I got a call from my mom, she told me she is in San Fierro and she want to meet me.
I changed my name back to Takashi Kawasaki and went too meet my mom. She told me that my father participated in a big robbery.
They FBI came to the place and started to shot. They hit my dad and he died.
Now I want to avange, I want to be like my father. I want that every body know who is ............

Full name: Nir Steinfeld
Age: 14
Time you play rp: Alot..
Time you play in day: 6+ hours (when i'm not accidently banned!!!)
RP level: 10/10
English level: 10/10
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Application to Yakuza/LCN/Hitman leader Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application to Yakuza/LCN/Hitman leader   Application to Yakuza/LCN/Hitman leader Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2008 10:58 am

Takashi ,
listen , we won`t open the Crimes Yakuza/LCN ,
if you want to be one of the Yakuza/LCN You should be criminal,
control of the city and more.

Hitmens= There is a leader for the hitmens.

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Application to Yakuza/LCN/Hitman leader
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