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 LSPD Rules

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Los Santos Police Department Rules

Road Blocks
Only Chief can put up a Road Block (i meen both: /rb and /rb1)

Police station:
Cadets must stay in the PD at all times. In oreder to bring visitors to the jail they must ask for permission. They are not permitted to arrest only ticket and MUST obey higher ranks.

Visit Time
Hours which people can visit the Jail between.

Investigation room:

In the investigation Room Officers will wuestion suspects to find ID, personal info, reason they commited the crime or whatever they want. Officers can use force if

Rank List
Rank 1 - Cadet.
Rank 2 - Officer.
Rank 3 - Sargent.
Rank 4 - Leiutenat.
Rank 5 - Capain.
Rank 6 - Chief.
S.W.A.T. - Special Rank

Driving Ranks List
These are only temporary, i am asking the scripter to add some more cars
Rank 1 - Bike Only
Rank 2 - Black and White car only
Rank 3 - Black and white car + Bike.
Rank 4 - Black and white car + Bike. (FBI truck with permission)
Rank 5 - All cars, FBI truck, Tank (with permission), Bike and Helicopter.
Rank 6 - All of the LSPD vehicles

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LSPD Rules
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