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 i want join to LSPD please!

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i want join to LSPD please! Empty
PostSubject: i want join to LSPD please!   i want join to LSPD please! Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2008 4:56 pm

(( In Character ))






Criminal records:0

Currect licenses (Bike Required): Bike,Drive,weapon,fly

Previous/Currect occupation:Taxi Driver

Your story (( Character story, 6 lines minimum - Needed )):Hello, my name is Brian Lucas and i broned in Ope, Russia. I lived with my mother and my brother. Mother's name is Rina, and my brother's name is Igor.
I never saw my father before I think his dead or something else. I moved form Russia to Los Santos, San Andreas because I want to build a mysterious company, G-Ru.
A guns company, I was build this company and you know all the times you do something well and boom! Some cops arrest you, and you know... Russian doesn’t love cops. They took me to the Police Station and put me in the jail for half a year.
Now! I came from the jail and you see now a new man! I want to clean the past and forget it! And think about the present and the future!

(( OOC information: ))
English Level:[0/10]:10
Roleplay Level:[0/10]:9
Time you play in a day:7-8
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i want join to LSPD please!
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