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 Application to NG

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PostSubject: Application to NG   Application to NG Icon_minitimeMon Feb 18, 2008 6:27 pm

(( In Character ))






Criminal records:No

Currect licenses (Bike Required):Just register, but im going to do licenses when the DMV will be open (dont worry)

Previous/Currect occupation:Nothing

Your story (( Character story, 6 lines minimum - Needed )):

Romes Tovser borned at Corleone, Italy ((26/01/1980)) to poor family. His father died two years after he borned from heart attack. His mother was a teacher.
He had two little brothers named Emilio and Fabio. His mother worked hard to Support the family. She worked as a teacher at the morning and in the evnings she worked
as a cleaner. ((Romes learned in good school)).
When Romes was 8 years old he broke his leg. His mother took him to the hospital and told him to enter to room 23((then she left)). 15 minutes after she left him in the hospital, some doctor came to him and showed to him something that will stop the pain in his leg. He took it from the doctor and when he blowed it he begain to see the most ugly things in the world.((He lose his consciousness)).
He waked up after 4 hours and his mother told to him that the doctor gave to him the wrong tablet.((From this day in the hospital he afraid from the tablet)).
When Romes was 15 years old he couldn't see hes mother work like that anymore that ill shirk from school.((She didnt want it)). She told me she will write a letter to the government and ask for money's assistance. After three months the government answered to them.((They said it is not there problem)).
One year later, He left school ((when he was 16 years old)).He wanted to work for reach man in his garden. He heard the reach man and his parthner are talking about them casinos bussines. He understood that the best way to get money is hard, it even easy.
One year later, Romes met a women named Jessie.They beacame a friends after one month. Romes loved her a lot but she didnít. ((She was with him only beacouse he was the strongest and the smartest man at the school)).
He did everything she asked for. She left him when she met reach guy. He tried to kill himself but his mother stopped him. She told to him that his Ex-girlfriend was nothing compart to him. She also said that she sure he will become very reach man. He didnít do it but he sweard to never fall in love again.
((After the story with Jessie)), He travled around the world. He saw new people, new culture and new ideas.
After 6 years he came back to Corleone, Italy.

(( OOC information: ))
English Level:[0/10] 10
Roleplay Level:[0/10] 10
Ventrilo:[y/n] Yes
Time you play in a day: 5 hours
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Application to NG
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