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PostSubject: Radio Codes   Radio Codes Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 12:22 am

LSPD radio codes and status reports.

All of the members have to know this codes without delay , no exceptions.
Using the codes is much more effective then speaking.
The codes aren't taken from real life police , only the essential codes were taken.
The codes are a MUST for every member.

10-3 Negative
10-4 Affirmative
10-5 Stand by
10-6 Repeat last transmission
10-7 Moving to location\ patrolling in location
10-10 Status + Location [Mostly asked by higher rank to check his available units]
10-11 Need assistance
10-20 Correct location
10-50 Lost contact \ Lost suspect
10-99 Mission accomplished [Jailed \ suicide \ death etc]

Status 1 On duty
Status 2 Off duty
Status 3 Answering and moving to area
Status 4 - Not available for a call

Code 1 Foot pursuit
Code 2 Car pursuit
Code 3 Pulling over a suspect.
Code 4 Robbery \ kidnap or any other special incident
Code 5 Terror attack Only for lieutenant and above.

Credits to Romes_Tovser

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Radio Codes
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