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PostSubject: ALP FOR fbi   ALP FOR fbi Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 2:52 pm

First Name:Tony
Last Name:Staner
Currently Job:
Previously Jobs:
Why should I hire you?
Why do you want this job? becouse my father was Fbi
Life Story:Tell about your self a story (((6 lines)):my name isTony. I was born in 1980. my father was policeman, my mother was medic. in 1998 at 24:00 oclock, i heared knock at our door, my father went to open the door, They were the mafia wich killed my parents. I was hidden under the bed. in 2000 i worked at police and i got license for car, moto and flying. cab, 2003 i was second rank in police. in 2004 the mafia took the chif of police. all of us try to save him and then i tryed to fight against the mafia and i killed some of them. a month after that the chif died from heart attack and i decided to leave the police of italy and i went to SF. in 2006 i was at police second rank. before i was at medic like my mome

Name:Sam dolfin
Level in game: 2
Time you play RP:3 mouth
Time you play this server a day: 9Hourse
RP level:8
English level:7

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