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 Requestsand Questions about the FBI

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Requestsand Questions about the FBI Empty
PostSubject: Requestsand Questions about the FBI   Requestsand Questions about the FBI Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2008 8:03 pm

I have some requests and questions about the FBI:
1. Helicopters..... (If there is, where I should do /fbiup??)
2. There is no "undercover" in the FBI, if I do /duty it take's my weapons and armour so I can't arrest people like that..
3. Civilian's cars in the base. If i'm undercover, I must take an FBI vehicle from the base, and then i'm not undercover.. Please put some civilian's cars in the base.
4. /backup. Only the PD have /backup, and I think it's necessary for the FBI.
5. /duty chagnes my skin randomly and alot of times I get skin of hores, leaders of other factions or women's skins. Pelase do that the FBI (maby PD too) can do /duty [skin ID].
Some Questions:
1. Are the FBI agents allowed to take criminals like gun and drug dealer to jail?
2. Are the FBI agents allowed to put road blocks ((/rb))? If yes, lepase fix the bug that they can't.
Thanks Very Happy

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Requestsand Questions about the FBI
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