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PostSubject: Report an Officer   Report an Officer Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2008 9:18 am

Report an Officer

Have you been the victim of conduct you felt was inappropriate by a police officer or member of police staff?
Have you been wrongly arrested or fined?
Are you not content with an officer?
Or are you distressed as a result of a friend or a relative being treated badly by the police ?

Write a complaint!
If you possess any kind of evidence material or like, put it into an envelope with the complaint form. Complaints are confidential and will be treated as so. Complaints can be sent in PM to me Yaheli_Faro.
are post in this subject.

1.) Personal Details

Complainants Name (first-name, last-name):
Date of Birth (day/month/year):
Sex (male/female):
Home Address:
Phone Number:

2.) Incident details

Location of Incident:
Date and time of Incident:
Witnesses and Relevant Phone-numbers:
Officer/s Involved (give name, if known):
Description of the Incident:

3.)Were you present when the alleged inappropriate conduct took place,
or close enough to see or hear the inappropriate conduct, or you're writing
this complaint on behalf of someone else?

4.) If you have anything else to say, write it here:
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Report an Officer
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