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 Leaders [Mafias] please get in , important.

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Leaders [Mafias] please get in , important. Empty
PostSubject: Leaders [Mafias] please get in , important.   Leaders [Mafias] please get in , important. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2008 7:52 pm

Alright ,all of the leaders:
you have to require you`re member to use a Mafias name,here some examples:
Leonardo_Deslivo [he`s in the yakuza] He got japanise name? no.
Troy_Don`t remember the lastname [Yakuza leader!] He got japanise name? No.

Admins ,you have to change the name please, for make it RP.
Italian name.

Spain name ,
Satio Katsuki not a spain name [Vagos`s leader]

Leader/member will not change his name ,
will be kicked.

If some one been joined to an mafia:
Example of troy [Yakuza]:
Troy: /b welcome.
XXX`s:/b thank you.
Troy: /b listen ,you have to get in the forums and change
to an Japanise name.
XXX`s: /b Alright ,forum adress?
Troy: /b
Troy:/b Get in the forum "Name Appeals" and read Tom Volman`s rules how to change
the name and post a topic like the rules.
XXX`s: /b Ok.
Troy: /b if you`r won`t post a topic, i`ll kick you from the yakuza,
you have a day/hours/seconds to post a topic.
XXX`s:/b why you`r so hard?
Troy:/b this the rules, now get to make a name Appeal.
Troy /b Thank you.
10 min ago:
XXX`s : /b done.
Troy: /b ok , you just have to wait, you done you`r job.
Troy:/b you type a Japanise name?
XXX`s:/b of coures.

same of Vagos/LCN.

Leader won`t obligating his member will be kicked, if you have an reason
and Permissions from 1337+ admins and legitimate reason.

Sign, Yang.
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Leaders [Mafias] please get in , important.
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