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 Crimes mafias open.[Update]

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Crimes mafias open.[Update] Empty
PostSubject: Crimes mafias open.[Update]   Crimes mafias open.[Update] Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2008 8:17 pm

Crimes Mafias update

1.Mafias crime been opened.
2.Mafias= Yakuza and LCN and Vagos.
3. Yakuza= Japanise mafia.
LCN= La Costa Nostra , Italian Mafia.
Vagos: Spains mafia , it`s something like a gang offical.
4. Leaders: Yakuza= None for now.
LCN= Vita Leone.
Vagos : Enrique Aguera
LCN allowad only for admins right now.
this the names for now, we`ll change the names for the leaders.

if you see this topic you know the names oocly, not IC.

Sign, yang.

Last update: 22/2/08,February.
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Crimes mafias open.[Update]
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