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PostSubject: -Server Rules   -Server Rules Icon_minitimeTue Jan 29, 2008 12:59 am

The server rules is very important for all.
Lets start ... !!

*First you have to know that is a role-play server
-Rp means Real-Life you play like in real life, you have to feels like in real life.

*Rules of rp in game.

*Alot of people geting kick and not understanding why so I am here for you:

-First for to play and not geting kick you have to login with nickname #Firstname_Lastname
-In rp server you can't do DM #dm means to kill everyone you want...and just to kill all , for this you have dm server.
-In rp server you can't rob car from people and run away it's calling GTA when you get a kick with resson: GTA that mean that you stoled a car from someone.
-In rp server you have the command /me, /me it's a command that makes it real and you must to listen what the guy wants from you, like # /me tie his hands and legs that means that that guy tied your hands and legs and you can't move on, if you run away it calling non rp !! # /me grab the man you have to "follow him" /// more if you want to do something like # /me turn on the engine # /me drink water and more ....
-In rp server you have to drive like in a real life you can't drive faster and you can't do shits cuz for really non rp driving you will get kicked or for one time cuz you was bored , the cops will get you and ticked you or for crazy and run away put you in jail.
-In rp server you can't use drive by # drive by mean that you run away and shooting on people. only if you are a member of mafia you can, but not dming only if you want to run away from cops !!.
-Do not play with the cops do not play with people, I promise when you play rp and when you want to play it not just makes interesting, plust people love you and give you respect and you get more funny that do the same shit like dming and get kick run away always steal cars,guns and it's become to be boring.

*So we lean about all kicks :Rp Nickname // GTA //Non Rp Driving // Drive By // Dming //# /me.

*Rules at hebrow in our site: (old time)

*I think you understand me and your role play points get better.

*Credits to Credits worte by Yuri_Meleh

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-Server Rules
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