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 I Got a Banned

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I Got a Banned Empty
PostSubject: I Got a Banned   I Got a Banned Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 1:20 pm

Me tourist in the town...With my Car..
And mistake i Crashed The Car Of Admin : Eden_Armran..i think.
And im So Soory On Thet..And Eden Give me Can..
I Want to Back To My Player..Because of:
-I Love This Server.
-And I So sold To This server.
-And i Want to invite People To This Server.
-I Want To to invest In Thet Server..
-And To Text time i Dont do Thet Again.

Please Yuri Artur Eden Im Soory..Unban Me...
Thanks all
Nick Server : Leo_Derossi

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I Got a Banned
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