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 [Guides] For mafia`s , how to /tie with out powergaming!

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[Guides] For mafia`s , how to /tie with out powergaming! Empty
PostSubject: [Guides] For mafia`s , how to /tie with out powergaming!   [Guides] For mafia`s , how to /tie with out powergaming! Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 11:32 pm

How to tie?
Well , if you got anyone , you should get a reason , like "I looking for any Privite Driver" Then , he will get in your car.
well , if you should do /tie , The admins will Kicked you.

So , how to do a /tie With RP way?!
I make a /me Informat`ion.
(When he at your car , type it)
/me Locks Doors.
/me Take`s out a Rope from Under The seats.
/me Knock on "XXX`s" Head with his hand.
/me attempt`s to tie "XXX`s" with one Hand.
/me attempt`s to tie "XXX`s" With all his Power.
/me Already tie "XXX`s".
/me Take`s out his Pistol from his pocket.
/me aim on "XXX`s" head.
You: "Are you love your lifes?"
(Well , if he say yes , Continue , if no , kill him.)
The guy: "Yes"
/Frisk [ID]
/Me Look`s on "XXX`s" Pocket.
/me Screach`s for "XXX`s" Wallet.
/me Take`s "XXX`s" Wallet.
(After this , ask him at /b How much money you got?)
Well , people gives somthing like 500 Dollars-. (RP)
After this , you should killed him , find a somthing way you want.
Because if you killed anyone HE CANT REMEMBER
(After this for any RP , Drop the "XXX" Body to the Water /sea.)
/me Drags "XXX`s" Body.
/me Open`s up the Trunk
/me Drop "XXX`s" body into the Trunk.
/me closed down the trunk.
(After this , drive for any sea.)
/me Opens up the trunk.
/me Drags "xxx`s" Body and drop him to the Sea.

"XXX"= Name of the guy.

**btw , i`m made this guide.**

Yuri Meleh : Very nice Yang but one problem here... No active people on forum. + Thanks you alot I will happy if you will write more topic like this,cuz maybe you are more rp than me.
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[Guides] For mafia`s , how to /tie with out powergaming!
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