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 apli... to fbi leader

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PostSubject: apli... to fbi leader   apli... to fbi leader Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2008 2:35 pm

Age: 17
Sex: male
Level: 1 new
Vent: yes
Mic: yes
1) Why do you want this job?i like this i want to kill a tirror
2) Will you take orders from higher ranks?yes
3) When should you use Drive By?i sen /m stop the car and get out 3 time if he dont stop i well shot
4) What will you do if Terrorists attack the city?i call for backup to help me and stop them or shot

Your Story Life:
Im born in Los Santos 17 years ago , My Father worked in CNN and my mother
was a Medic.
Someday When my father was in his office in Cnn Station , My mother
help to some wounded in filed battle ,come behind her some criminal some mafia guy , and killed her .
My Father and me didnt know about it any thing ,and continue our day .
we get back home in evening , and see that my mother was not in there.
Im start think about alot of scary thinks , my father told me dont worry son.
Then he told me to torn on the tv , and see some movie.
i turn on the tv and see at the news some think very scary ,
they talk about some Women that killed by Criminal guy.
i sayed to my father come to me , when my father come the news show the women face.
i remember this moment like it today , and i cant to forget it.
So i want to be a FBI man becouse , i am wont to stop all the criminals and make shure that it not be happand to other people.
Why you want to be a FBI ? : i think that i say it in my life story
Why we should take you? : becouse i make shure that all the criminals be in the jail!
OOC(Out Of Charectar):
name: Mida
Age: 15
RP Level: 9/10
English Level: 8/10
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apli... to fbi leader
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