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 App to PD Hanan

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PostSubject: App to PD Hanan   App to PD Hanan Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 7:26 pm

(( In Character ))

Criminal records:None
Currect licenses:Driving , Flying , Weapn and Weapon licenses

Previous/Currect occupation/s:None

Your story (( Character story, 5 lines minimum - Needed )): I was born in Fort carson and raised there till I reached 18. My father was in prison while I was growing , he was jailed for helping the Russian govermant during the cold war after WW2. My mother barely raised me and my two big brothers had to take care of my needs.
After I won the 2nd place at the swimming competition of the LS area , I joined the emergency guardians , jumping to the water and saving people from drawning in hard conditions.
Today I got no occupation , I refused to join the army because of my father , I felt it was wrong.
Now I am unemployed , And interested in the San Fierro Police Department Forces.

Why do you wish to join the PD?: Justice is my way of life , Can think of an other occupation

Will you listen to orders from higher ranks? Sure I will.

(( OOC information: ))

English Level:Awsome :]
Roleplay Level:3/5

Meet Me in RP
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App to PD Hanan
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