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 Leader Police ( LSPD )

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PostSubject: Leader Police ( LSPD )   Leader Police ( LSPD ) Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 7:53 pm

Firstname: Matteo
Lastname: Rossi
Age: 27
Licenses(Must have driving license): driving , bike , weapon
Gander: Male
Phone number: 5587

Give me 3 /me commands that you know and 3 commands of this faction ):
/me takes out his tazer
/me grab the man
/me take him ID , /me takes out ticket , /me takes out his pistol from pocket
No at me : /invite /uninvite /giverank /door1 /door2
/cuff /tazer /d /r /rb /rbd /gov /m....

Why you want to be the leader of this faction and how you will do it: I think I wiil be very good in this job. I want to keep the law and stop terorists.

Tell us what do you have to do on this faction: stop terorists, tickets to poeple with
pass the law and keep the law.

Your story life(must have 10 lines): my name is matteo. I was born in 1980. my father was policeman, my mother was medic. in 1998 at 24:00 oclock, i heared knock at our door, my father went to open the door, They were the mafia wich killed my parents. I was hidden under the bed. in 2000 i worked at police and i got license for car, moto and flying. cab, 2003 i was second rank in police. in 2004 the mafia took the chif of police. all of us try to save him and then i tryed to fight against the mafia and i killed some of them. a month after that the chif died from heart attack and i decided to leave the police of italy and i went to SF. in 2006 i was at police second rank. before i was at medic like my mome

Full name: Daniel

Age: 13
Time you play rp: year
Time you play in day: 5-13hours
RP level: 9/10
English level: 7/10

Denied, sorry we have lspd leader
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Leader Police ( LSPD )
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