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 [Report] Report on Artur.

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[Report] Report on Artur. Empty
PostSubject: [Report] Report on Artur.   [Report] Report on Artur. Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 9:32 pm

Report admin : Artur. [Don`t remember lastname]
Reason:DM + NonRP + Public kill..
S`S: None.
Alright one time were at the Jissy`s club , i was with mine bodyguards ,
he`s fucking /me Takes the gun [Where the fuck did you get your gun?]
And then , he pass my bodyguards , all of mine bodyguards should frisk all..
he`s superman or something?
And then he killed mine bodyguards , and then kill me... [ mayor]
Now did you never seen someone killed at public ?[Club]
Maybe at the bothroom or the roof!
but not at the 1st floor!
And more reason : What the fuck he`s reason ? i didn`t do anything right now ,
why he should kill me ? this like i come the real mayor i will tell him
"Hello mayor" "Boom" [shot]
We have to get a reason!

Reason three
Then he do it again , he`s been laying at the dmv roof ,
and then got his sniper and killed me , i`m sure he take it from his ass ,
where the fuck he take his sniper ? and from where pocket ? phh, too big for pocket no? Jacket ? phh, to big to jacket too , and if he take it from his trunk or something
how the fuck he passed the police with out nobody see!?
Yuri see the two times of it ,
yuri , i hope you should take care of this admin,
i`m don`t knwo how you inivte him.

Sign , Yang.
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[Report] Report on Artur.
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