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PostSubject: Lead the L.C.N   Lead the L.C.N Icon_minitimeThu Feb 14, 2008 9:02 pm

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Origin:Hispanic / Italian

Raul Sanchez was born in Italy , on very poor family,That already in age half year transmitted Chang to adoptive family.
The conditions in the adoptive family were better, but are not absolute , During the years Raul has been change to an criminal, thief of things, beat people, revolved with knife, and all this happened already until age 12.

There was not care him from the studies, everything that was matter to him was the money, respect, and to hang out with delinquents. His parents efforts neglected him, and in age 18 Raul left his house. He lives in the streets, and he understood that he did an error, but could not return.One day, nice man by name Bruce found Raul in the streets, he saw how he suffer, and decided to help Raul and to give him lodging inside his house. Then during half year, Raul lives inside Bruce's house, and Raul was disagreeable to reside inside Bruce's house, then he left a letter to Bruce That there he wrote : " To dear Bruce ,:
I decided to leave, on account of that I did not have pleasant that will pay on me and provide me place of sustenance, I pass to other place,take care on yourself ,you were me like a father, yours, Raul."After he write the letter he tooke a little money that was on him and past to city that called Los Santos.
To his great luck of Raul, childhood friend of Raul's lives there and he gave to Raul place to live.
Nowadays he searches an street gang that will engage him, gang of crime that will provide him, then meanwhile he continue ,to live inside his friend's house, until to his next step , Happen in Raul's life according to the police (officer talk:)
" Opened to the man two purses of crime in his childhood, he was accused by far thefts of vehicles, robberies and more,He sat in the jail one time, he is not Little criminal if you ask me. Nowadays the police opens an eye on the man, and the police thinks that maybe passage of Raul to Los Santos connected to drugs deal or something like that".(End officer talking)
Raul last seems recently in the alleyways of Los Santos, apparently searches things are connected to the crime, was conveyed from hidden sources ,

Raul's life in Los Santos was exactly the same as they was in Italy, for his subsist was rob other people's , theft business man's expensive cars and sell them and more , One of the day's he walked to the market to buy some food to his friend and for him , 3 police officer's start to shout and run to his way ,
(Police officer shouts:) Raul Sanchez you are under arrest , put your hands behind your head and lay down on the floor .
Of course he didn't do that he start's to run , the officer's took the police car and run after him , he tried to hide but the officer's catch him , the officer's got pictures and information on him that he sell drugs and theft vehicle's .
they puted him on jail for 1 year , he met a cool guy named Gustavo Mendez , they was room partners in jail , Gustavo leaved the jail before Raul , his last to raul was , (Gustavo talk:) See you outside ese' , call me when you out , he throwed to raul's way a note with is phone number , Year after he was in Jail , he get's free , Day after he buyed a new phone with new phone number and contact with Gustavo , Gustavo gived to Raul place to sleep , food , money they was hanging out together and did business together. last time that the officers saw Raul is in jail , they cant find him and he is free to live his life as he want's to .

Full Name:
Shumin Shuminov
Rp level
English level:
Why i want lead the LCN?
Because i know how the lead a faction , actully in the former server of you that was named Israel Roleplay i was the leader of the LCN , i know Rp as a leader too , as a italian , i am great RPer and some of you know's it .

Hope to be accepted ..

Denied mafias close for now
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Lead the L.C.N
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